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Ladies Winter Accessories


Whether you’re looking for a replacement, a gift for someone special or just want to treat yourself, accessories are the perfect gift, no matter what the recipient likes! At this time of year especially, many of the items on our list are a last resort, often bought in the spur of the moment when we figure out we don’t have what we need to keep warm.

Winter accessories aren’t always the most stylish but we’ve certainly tried to make them as trendy as possible without losing their practicality. Accessories can range from a few quid to a luxury item so we’ve tried to cover as many price points as possible on our list.

Rounding up our seven top ladies winter accessories that make lovely gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and beyond. If you've had a long week, why not treat yourself to something as a little pick-me-up? Keep reading for our top seven winter picks.

Ladies Suede Slippers

Suede slippers - We’ve all spent a lot of time at home over the past couple of years. Even though the country is opening up more and more, many of us are still limiting the time we spend in crowded places. Why not live the life of luxury whilst you’re home? Having warm feet will definitely never go out of fashion so a pair of suede slippers will keep them extra toasty. Upgrade your current, worn-out pair or grab a pair if you haven’t replaced a previous pair just yet. These are honestly like a hug for your feet!

Keep them by your bed every evening so you can slip them on when you wake up. Store them by the front door to change into them as soon as you arrive home. Trust us, your feet will thank you for it almost immediately. A pair of slippers are one of the most underrated items to own but who wouldn’t want to feel cosy in their own home? Our suede slippers come in three colour choices, tan, navy and chocolate brown, so choose a pair to match your wardrobe, pyjamas, loungewear or home decor! If you’re at home more than you’re out of the house, get an extra pair. You could even have a daytime and a night-time pair! Now that is luxurious!

Ladies Wool Tweed Headband

A sherpa fleece or gilet - Another cosy item to add to your basket or wishlist is a sherpa fleece, or teddy bear fleece as they’ve become affectionately known by. You might think it an odd gift but we promise you the recipient will love you for thinking of this! Everybody likes to keep comfortable, whether at home or outside, and a sherpa fleece does exactly that. They’re also a great transitional piece to have in your wardrobe as when the weather brightens and warms up, you can ditch your coat and wear your sherpa fleece or gilet as your outer layer.

Whether you prefer to stick to rich, block colours or like to make a statement with a checked pattern, we’re sure you’ll find a colour to complement any lady’s country wardrobe. The cosy collar on all styles will keep your neck warm too and will fight off any chill. We like to wear ours over a checked or striped shirt for casual nights out or over a polo shirt when lounging at home, always in a compatible colour of course.

If you prefer a sleeveless option, our checked sherpa fleece comes in a gilet, perfect for throwing on over most outfits, especially if you’re running late out of the house!

Ladies Pom Pom Hat

A pom pom hat - Now your body is warm in your fleece, you can’t forget about your head! That’s where most heat escapes from, after all. Every time we’ve left the house since autumn, we’ve been sporting our pom pom hats in various colours. There are twelve colour combinations to choose from so nearly enough for a different hat every day for a fortnight! The cable knit material is ideal for retaining heat but without making your head and hair all sweaty. Wear yours when running your errands and we guarantee that you’ll get several compliments!

A tweed headband - If you’re not a fan of hats, a tweed headband might turn your head instead! They’re something oh so chic about a headband and they go with just about every outfit, and coat, around. With a sherpa material lining and wool blend tweed outer layer, it’s designed to maximise warmth on your head. It also features an elasticated band at the back so it will stretch for maximum comfort too. We like to wear ours for outdoor family events, no matter how casual they are. They make any lady look classy and stylish whilst still keeping warm, that’s what winter dressing is all about!

Ladies Boot Socks

Knitted gloves - If your head gets to keep warm, so should your hands. Our knitted gloves have been designed in a colour scheme that matches as many of our jackets, coats and hats as possible. From rich, jewel shades to lighter colours and neutrals thrown in between, you’ll be able to find a colour to go with any outfit. They’re made from a lovely, soft thin knit so they’ll keep your hands warm but won’t make them overheat either. At less than £7 a pair, you might end up grabbing a couple of pairs to go with multiple outfits!

Hiking/boot socks - With warm hands, you should keep your lower extremities warm too: your feet! With cold feet, you start to struggle in lower temperatures and it becomes uncomfortable to even walk around. Investing in either hiking or boot socks should combat that problem. There’s nothing wrong with wanting warm feet inside your shoes or boots, especially with a pair of snazzy socks on!

Ladies Knitted Gloves

A practical backpack - Whilst we want to stay indoors where it’s all warm and cosy during the winter, we still need some fresh air and vitamin D. When you do manage to get out and about, you’ll probably find you’ll be carrying more than you do during the summer. Packing extra layers, snacks, a travel mug and every other handbag essential, it might be time to get a practical, but still stylish, backpack. With lots of pockets and compartments, padded and adjustable straps and seven designs to choose from, there’s a style for any country lady. You will do your back a great world of good by spreading the weight across two shoulders instead of just on! You’ve even got room for a spare hessian or canvas shopping bag in there for any extra bits and bobs you might pick up on your days out.

Winter accessories might seem like an odd gift to purchase for that important lady in your life but picking an item that you know she will love and use, especially if it comes in her favourite colour or pattern, will please her greatly. Whether she needs some extra comfort when at home or a new rucksack for days out in the country, there’s a gift for any country lady at Rydale.


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