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What to Wear - Bonfire Night Ideas


Whilst it’s still autumn until just before Christmas, the dip in temperature has made it feel like winter already! Now that Halloween is out of the way, the next event to celebrate is Bonfire Night. With last year’s festivities cancelled, this year looks set to be a great year for visiting a display in your area.

A night out with the family is even more fun when you’re all dressed cosily and prepared for any weather! Whilst getting the children wrapped up is the first priority, it doesn’t mean you as parents have to go cold either! Keep reading for fashion for the entire family! You’ll notice that the key here is layering, no matter who you are! Trust us, you’ll be thankful to us when you’re all stood outside for a couple of hours! After all, it’s easier to remove a layer than go out in not enough layers and get a chill!


Warm and cosy doesn’t have to mean putting on your biggest coat and some jogging bottoms. Country ladies know that comfort and warmth don’t have to come at the cost of style but you have to get the basics right first. You’ll see that it all starts with your very first layer. You want to keep as much body heat in from the very beginning so a thermal top is your go-to here. If you’re someone who’s usually warm or it’s not too cold, a vest style should be enough but for anyone who’s always complaining they’re cold, a long-sleeved option might be better for you. If it’s even colder, invest in a pair of thermal leggings and you’ll be snug from the start!

Ladies Hat, Scarf & Glove Combo

From then, we start to build up. A country checked fleece-lined shirt or a cable knit jumper on top of your thermals gives you another layer or warmth. Both a shirt and jumper are casual but still look super chic for a night with the family. For an extra layer, wear a collared shirt under the jumper for a classic, preppy look. We wouldn’t recommend layering a fleece-lined shirt underneath though because trust us, you will end up sweating buckets!

To finish off your top half, your final layer can be whatever you want it to be. We love a quilted gilet in a rich jewel tone or a traditional tweed gilet on top of long-sleeved tops, shirts and jumpers. Keep the colour scheme similar so you don’t clash too much. If you prefer to cover your arms, a quilted or tweed jacket could serve you better. One thing we always recommend packing is a waterproof jacket in a packet for emergencies!

Men's Knitted Beanie Hat

As you know here at Rydale, we’re a big fan of dark wash skinny jeans. These are the perfect option for outdoor activities as they have a little stretch in them but aren’t too tight. You can tuck them into any boots too to keep your ankles extra warm. Whether they’re an embroidered style or a biker version, there’s an option for any woman.

Next, we need to focus on footwear. If you’re attending an outdoor event, regardless of if the ground is grass or gravel, you’ll need a sturdy tread but comfortable sole. You can for any style of boot, from pull-on Chelsea work boots to mid-calf biker boots to tall quilted leather boots. Stick on a pair of thick hiking socks and your toes will be toasty all night long!

To finish off the look, a stylish pom pom hat will keep your head and ears warm underneath and you can add a pop of colour to your outfit too. Alternatively, a super cool headband will do the job just as well and you’ll get tonnes of compliments on your headwear too.

For extra comfort, a checked or striped scarf will keep your neck warm. You can style it underneath your coat or leave it out for more vibrancy. Top it all off with a pair of knitted gloves. We have six colours to choose from so they can compliment any outfit!

Ladies Thermals


You might not think you’ll get cold but trust us, standing outside for hours in the evening will definitely have you feeling a bit chilly, even if you’re always warm! The perfect starter piece is a long-sleeved rugby shirt. Whether it’s plain, block-coloured or striped, there’s a colour and design for anyone. If you prefer a smarter style, your trusted country check shirt fits the bill nicely. Just make sure it’s long-sleeved or you will be cold all night long.

For your middle layer, a fleece is a great way to keep that warmth in. You can always have this as your outer layer if you prefer too. Our Cowlam style is thicker for colder nights compared to our Harpham and Huggate styles, both of which are still warming but a bit thinner. If you prefer a gilet style, our fleece gilets are just as comfy!

An outer layer needs to be waterproof and practical. Whether it’s a wax jacket or a bomber jacket, there’s a style or colour for any man. Both are ideal for rainy evenings because they often don’t happen as forecasted! If it’s a dry night, a tweed jacket is perfect for keeping you warm. Whichever style you choose, all of our designs feature tonnes of pockets for your essentials and will keep the heat in.

On your bottom half, straight leg jeans are a great option for anyone. You don’t have to debate whether a top half item goes with them because any colour or style does! Alternatively, a pair of dark coloured chinos, such as khaki or navy, work well for outdoor evening events. Keep the look put together with earthy tones and neutrals or go crazy for colour!

Girls Pom Pom Hat

Footwear is essential to keeping comfortable for outdoor events. Classic leather boots should be your go-to for this occasion. They’re easy to clean if they get muddy and all have great tread for unstable terrains. Our styles come in neutral tan and brown shades so you know they’ll go with any other colours.

To top it all off, you need to keep your head warm! Whilst a country flat cap is still a staple, you could also opt for a knitted beanie instead if it’s especially cold. You’ll thank us later for keeping your ears warm! It’s better than shivering and having a head full of cold on the following day in the office!


For the younger ones, a fleece-lined splash suit is ideal for outdoor activities. Available from 6 months to age 5, you don’t have to worry about them ruining their clothes when a splash suit will save all those worries! There are so many patterns and colours to choose from that your child can pick their favourite.

For older children, a grown-up jacket can make them feel super cool and keep them warm at the same time! From girls equestrian jackets to boys bomber jackets, they can pick out their favourite colour like their younger siblings too! We even have tweed jackets for your young country ladies and gentlemen so they can look just like their parents!

As you can see, we’re all about wrapping up warm for the entire family whilst keeping comfortable and stylish. Please stay safe this Bonfire Night (and weekend) and enjoy yourselves!


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