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What to Wear on Christmas Day

17 Dec 2021 |

With the presents wrapped and ready to go and the Christmas food shop planned and purchased, have you decided on your Christmas Day outfit yet? You might not think that it requires much thought but you’ll still want to look presentable whatever your plans are.

Sure, you can throw on any old thing but even if you’re spending the day at home with family, you can still put in some effort! You might even spread these events across the Christmas period if you have a larger extended family and multiple celebrations.

Whether you dress up or down, host or visit, you might even have multiple outfits in one day! We’ve rounded up some of our top scenarios of where most people will be or doing on Christmas Day and thrown in our top styling tips to help you out!

Christmas Pyjamas

If you’re a family that dresses up

Many families decide that Christmas Day is the one day of the year to dress up nicely in their own home. Whether you’re hosting others, visiting family or friends or just staying in with your household, dressing up for yourself is a lovely treat. Whilst we’re not talking black tie attire, smart-casual looks are perfect for any festivities.

Ladies - Whilst sparkles and sequins might not work for a countryside Christmas, that doesn’t mean you have to dress super casually. Tweed is your go-to material here and a tweed skirt is stylish and smart without being too formal. They’re feminine and comfortable enough for Christmas dinner! Pair with a country button up shirt and heeled Chelsea boots in suede or leather and you’ll look elegant and put together but able to enjoy the festivities without worrying of making a mess of your outfit! Just don’t wear a white or cream coloured shirt if you’re cooking!

Ladies Printed Shirt

Gentlemen - It wouldn’t be a Rydale Christmas without a country checked shirt! Whilst we’d always recommend long sleeves at this time of year, being inside a warm house might mean you can get away with short sleeves. Choose a red or green check to feel extra festive! Complete the look with moleskin trousers or chino jeans and a pair of smart leather brogues and you’ll be looking smart but feeling comfortable!

If you’re not leaving the house

This is not an excuse to wear jogging bottoms and tatty old sweatshirts! Just because you’re staying at home, you can still put in some effort. Comfort and style can go hand in hand, especially in colder weather. Think cosy and warm, not lazy and sloppy!

Ladies - If you’re a household that does casual Christmas, you’ll know the first rule of dressing is comfort first! Cosy up in a sherpa fleece half zip jumper, whether you go for a checked pattern or a block colour, and you’ll be feeling warm all day and night long. For extra comfort, a pair of jodhpurs are easy to move around in and casual enough for a day at home. If you like to wear a pair of shoes, stick on some canvas trainers to keep the casual look going.

Men's Fleece

Gentlemen - Wearing your best hoodie for Christmas is a great idea! Whether it’s a pullover style or a full zip jacket, as long as you’re comfortable, that’s all that matters! Wear it on top of a plain coloured crew neck T-shirt or a classic polo shirt and pair with suede driving loafers for luxury comfort in your own home!

If you go for a family walk

After all of that food, getting out for some exercise and fresh air can be a real highlight of the day. With beautiful countryside walks, it’s lovely to wrap up warm, get out of the house for a short time and enjoy the outdoors.

Ladies - A walk following Christmas dinner is common for many families. The main rule here is always wrap up warm and that means layers upon layers! A fleece gilet or jacket is an ideal middle layer to keep warmth in and the cold out. Choose a thinner style so you don’t look too bulky and it becomes a struggle to zip your coat up! For your outerwear, a waterproof is a safer bet than other coats but if you check the weather beforehand and it looks dry, a tweed jacket is the ultimate countryside jacket. They’re the perfect mix between smart and casual, ideal for a Christmas day walk. Don’t forget to add your pom pom hat or faux fur headband to keep extra warm and pop a pair of knitted gloves in your pocket just in case.

Ladies Hat, Scarf, Gloves

Gentlemen - Layers always depend on the layer before them. Wearing a thick jumper and a shirt? A padded gilet might be a warm enough outer layer with extra layers underneath. If you prefer a sleeved option, a waterproof jacket or coat will never go amiss, especially at this time of year. If the forecast looks dry, a tweed jacket is the perfect countryside jacket. They’re super comfortable and not as restrictive as other coat styles can be. For the ultimate countryside look, a tweed flat cap will finish off the outfit!

If you live in pyjamas for the day

Some of us live in our pyjamas on Christmas Day and that’s okay! Being cosy and comfortable when staying indoors for the day is perfect for winter time. Even better if you’re wearing new pyjamas! Just make sure you do get changed if you do decide to leave the house!

Ladies - traditional button up cotton pyjamas are some of the warmest pyjamas you will ever wear. With six patterns to choose from, you could have a pair for nearly every day of the week if you wanted to! If you prefer a pullover style, our Wistow set are just as comfortable and soft. Perfect for horse lovers, this vibrant pink and navy set is perfect for spending the day on the sofa watching Christmas movies! They even have pockets in the bottoms so think of all the snacks you can carry!

Ladies Tweed Gilet

Gentlemen - Pyjamas are not just for the ladies. Our men’s pyjamas are traditional in country style but just as comfy as the ladies’ styles are. They’re super stretchy too so will still be comfortable by the time you’ve finished your Christmas dinner and scoffed a whole tub of chocolates!

Children - Kids’ pyjamas are always cool, no matter what time of year it is! From bodysuits for the newborns, sleepsuits for the younger ones and two piece sets for the toddlers, there’s a set for any age. You can even grab a matching dressing gown too!

If you go all out on the Christmas theme

You can’t go through the entire Christmas period without a themed jumper! Our ladies and men’s Christmas jumpers are traditional but with a festive twist. The best thing about Christmas knitwear is that you can dress it up or down as much as you like! Wear on top of pyjamas for a day at home or add a blazer and smart shoes for any Christmas parties you might be attending this year.

Whatever you wear this Christmas, it’s all about wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in. make sure it’s not too tight because after that Christmas dinner, you’ll be glad of loose fitting clothing! You never know, you might even get something new from Santa to wear for the day!

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