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What to Wear to a BBQ

28 Sep 2021 |

With the country opening up, it’s time to make up for lost time with family and friends. Whilst many people are still anxious to go back to normal, outdoor events are the perfect place to start for socialising again. What better way to do that than with a barbecue?

Whether you’re hosting or invited to another’s house, it can be a tricky affair when it comes to choosing an outfit. You don’t want to dress too casually but equally you don’t need to be in a formal, wedding party outfit either.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of our favourite outfit options for both country ladies and gentlemen so you know you’ll be the best dressed couple at any barbecue!

Country ladies

Barbecues can be hard to dress for as a woman because it’s easy to dress too casually but with just a change in top or shoes, you can completely elevate an outfit. Think classic country style but with a summer twist, meaning more colour and pattern!

Ladies Pink Polo Shirt

Jeans and a nice top - Dressed up denim is the perfect mix between casual and dressy. When going to any informal event, this is the first outfit many ladies think of. No matter the brightness of the wash, blue denim jeans go with any top. However, if it’s a day-to-night occasion, a dark indigo pair of skinny jeans are the easiest option to dress up and down. If you don’t own a pair already, get a pair! They’ll become the most worn and most versatile item in your entire wardrobe as you can pretty much wear them with any top you might have.

For a classic look, a country checked shirt is a safe bet that will be suitable for any barbecue. If the weather is on the warmer side, why not try a sleeveless version of your favourite checked shirt? They’re a little more casual so double check the dress code first. However, for most family and friends barbecues, they’re still smart enough to look stylish and classy.

A shirt and a skirt - If you want to look even more feminine, a shirt and a skirt combination is perfect for an outdoor event. We love our selection of tweed skirts with a country shirt, but try to avoid colour clashing and brightly checked shirts. You want the tweed skirt to stand out and complement the shirt so a subtle country animal print could be a better option.

Men's Navy Polo Shirt

If it’s too warm for tweed, how about a chino skirt? Our version comes in five colours (light pink, light khaki, dark khaki, navy and dark denim), perfect for a whole host of occasions. If the skirt is plain, it means you have more options for your top half. From rugby shirts to checked shirts to striped T-shirts, you have tonnes of choices. Keep the colour scheme for the entire outfit and you’ll look super chic.

Floaty blouses - The highlight for most of us at a barbecue is the food! A floaty blouse will allow you to eat as much as you want to without feeling uncomfortable if you’ve had too much to eat. Our animal print styles come in three versions: sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeves. None of them have buttons and are incredibly flattering on all shapes and sizes.

Printed blouses go with all types of bottom half items too: skinny jeans, chino skirts and shorts. Again, stick to a plain coloured bottom half so your blouse is the focal point. Our go-to summer outfit (weather permitting) is a sleeveless printed blouse with denim shorts, another versatile piece to have in every woman’s summer wardrobe.

Preppy polo shirts - Nothing says summer quite like a pastel or bright coloured polo shirt. Whether you prefer a classic block colour, an emblem ironed on or a patterned style, there’s a style for everyone. For barbecues, pair a polo shirt with any trousers or shorts for a casual look. Polo shirts can be hard to dress up so stick to everyday pieces to pair with them.

Ladies Floaty Blouse

A summer dress - The list wouldn’t be complete without a summer dress. Our options come in striped or floral patterns, once again flattering on every country lady. Both patterns look amazing worn with tan leather accessories, from shoes to bags to belts.

Country gentlemen

Dressing for outdoor summer events is hard to get right because of the British weather. However, the beauty of barbecues means you can always nip indoors if the weather takes a turn! For gentlemen, once again, think classic Rydale country style but with some summer additions.

Chino shorts - As soon as summer hits, we love to get our legs out! Country gentlemen always know to keep it classic so chino shorts are the perfect option for outdoor events. Obviously, shorts are not for those formal occasions but barbecues with friends and family is not a black-tie event!

They’re a versatile item to have in your summer wardrobe because they can be dressed up or down easily. For daytime barbecues, a polo shirt or crew neck T-shirt worn with chino shorts is just the right amount of casual. If it’s more of an evening event, why not wear a short-sleeved checked shirt?

Men's Chino Shorts

Straight leg jeans - Especially for evening barbecues, the weather can dip. Because of that, a pair of dark wash denim jeans can go with just about any top, from checked shirts to rugby shirts. All you have to do is switch out casual trainers for leather brogues or loafers and you’ve taken your look from day to night.

Classic polo shirts - Nothing says country life like a polo shirt. Whether you want a bright coloured striped version or a plain and simple style with an emblem, you’ll find a colour to suit you and that you’ll wear time and time again. We love pastel colours in the summer but brights work just as well! Wear these with chino trousers or shorts or denim jeans.

Deck shoes - A summertime footwear staple for gentlemen are a pair of deck shoes. They go with any style of summer shorts or trousers, from chinos to denim, and are that perfect mix of casual and dressy. They’re also incredibly comfortable, making them great shoes for outdoor events.

Our versions come in three colours: navy, brown and tan. We love wearing a tan pair during the summer and saving the darker colours for autumn and spring. However, any of the three colours work just fine during the warmer months.

Dressing for a barbecue isn’t as difficult as you might initially think. It’s basically everyday countryside style with a few finishing touches. This year, we’ll be making the most of the warmer weather following last year so cheers to celebrating with our families and friends!

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