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Equestrian Belts

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Equestrian Belts

Our range of equestrian belts offers style and comfort while in your horse riding attire. Whether competing or out for a leisurely ride, this stunning range will provide great functionality, and a feeling of freedom that a well made and well-fitted belt can provide. Made to be comfortable while riding, these belts accompany any outfit, from your breeches to your jeans, and ensure that you are always looking and feeling your best. 

For casual and competitive riders, an equestrian belt is a great accessory for your outfit. The perfect solution to keeping your riding breeches fitted as they should, and keeping your shirt tucked in tightly if competing, a great belt in the making of a great outfit.

Why not browse our range today and see for yourself the different colours and styles we have to offer. From our professional, black leather belts, to our more playful belts that are full of colour, all of our equestrian belts have been made with the quality and care that we put into every product at Rydale. 

Like what you see? Why not look deeper and head to our range of classic leather polo belts. This equestrian classic will be sure to shine in your country attire and make a great companion to a men’s or ladies riding outfit. 

Made from the highest quality materials, our new range is designed to be the perfect mix of comfort and style. Durable against the rigours of riding, this belt will be the centrepiece of your riding attire, making sure you feel as good as you appear. From walking to galloping, always be in control of your outfit with one of our new range of equestrian belts. 

We are proud to offer many different styles and designs that are sure to suit any outfit. Our broad range of different buckles and colours mean our equestrian belts don’t have to be exclusively for the stables. These multi-functional items suit many occasions, from nights out at a restaurant, to early morning walks. Combined with a classic t-shirt and jeans, or combined with a skirt to break up a look, these colourful belts can jazz up an outfit. Why not take a look at our ladies black diamante leather belt, to really give that extra edge to your outfit. Always looking great no matter what the situation, Rydale has you covered. 

Our team at Rydale are dedicated to providing the best items of clothing we can, which is why all of our belts are made with 100% genuine leather. Our full range has been built with durability and longevity in mind and has been made with high-quality products to ensure they are tough and resistant to the demands of horse riding.  

If you have any queries regarding our range, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at Rydale HQ who are happy to help.

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