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Gardening Trousers & Garden Bottoms

Garden Bottoms Collection

Often overlooked, gardening trousers are an essential item of clothing for all green fingered individuals.

Shop our range of gardening trousers you can rely on, they are ideal for keeping on top of your green space in comfort and style all day long.

We offer a selection of sturdy jeans which were developed with the outdoors in mind for both men and women. Further to this we also offer a great selection of chino gardening trousers, which are also offered as shorts ideal for summers in the garden.

For the gents we offer traditional moleskin trousers too which are perfect for gardening in.

For wet days when you need to keep your legs dry all day long, we have a brilliant selection of waterproof gardening trousers in classic wax cotton style or our pack-away trousers in a packet waterproof modern alternative.

We advise you save your poor kneecaps (and your gardening trousers) from the unnecessary wear and tear associated with kneeling directly on the ground and we recommend a soft foam kneeling pad as the best solution for this.

For gardening trousers of all shapes and styles, Rydale is your one stop shop. Grab a pair today and get out there and enjoy it!

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