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Country Homewares

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Country Homewares

Make your house a classic country home with Rydale country homewares. Select from our range of attractive styles and colours, from classic wool tweed cushions to charming country patterns. Explore the range of printed country style homewares and bring some rustic charm to your home.

They also make the ideal country gift for someone who is close to you. Think end of year gifts for teachers, that friend who you always seem to forget at Christmas or a family member who seems to get more difficult to buy for every year. You are sure to find the ideal country-inspired gift in our collection of country homewares above. 

Tweed Cushion

Our homewares are made with quality materials and will look a delight in any countryside home or manor! We guarantee you will get so many compliments from guests when they spot your new homeware! Make sure to tell them where you got them from!

Patterned mugs: Go for your favourite countryside animal with one of our patterned mugs. You can mix and match to make a set or opt for a set that we’ve put together ourselves, with designs that we think best complement each other.

Tweed cushions: Nothing says country homeware like some tweed! With twelve different shades, hues and patterns to choose from, you could choose ones with similar shades. Alternatively, you could go for a complete colour clash to give the classic country home look a modern update.

Patterned country style cushions: If you’re not a fan of tweed, you could always grab one of our patterned cushions. Our patterned also come in both medium and larger sizes so the choice is endless!

Country Bedding

Our cushions can be used all over the house too. Not only do they look great in a living or sitting room with a knitted throw or blanket, they look just as great in bedrooms and even with garden furniture.

Gifting ideas: We’re a huge fan of mugs as gifts for all sorts of relatives, friends and even teachers. Why not fill them with sachets of their favourite hot drinks and chocolates? This is a great gift for a Secret Santa present, whether it’s an old school friend or a workmate who you have no idea what to buy for!

Cushions can equally be a great gift for someone you love. Think about their current home and go for the colour and pattern that will complement their furniture best. You could also go for a more statement cushion to give their room a lift too! Let us know if you have any questions with regards to any of the products you see in the country homewares such as the country style cushions and mugs. 

Explore our range of country homewares in the following colours .

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