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Kid's Horse Riding Jackets & Equestrian Coats

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Kid's Horse Riding Jackets & Equestrian Coats

Take your little one riding in style with our kid's horse riding jackets and equestrian coats from Rydale. We offer a range of jackets that will brighten up any dull day whilst on your horses. It'll also make a great gift for the ultimate pony or horse lover. 

While many young children would love to learn how to ride a horse, the art of learning takes time and patience. It also takes a willingness to fail and, yes, potentially get hurt. Horse riding can be something that you take to naturally, or it could be something that takes a child most of their formative years to master. No matter how long it takes you, though, turning up fully prepared is so important. That’s why the Rydale collection of kid’s horse riding jackets are so important to your child.

Making sure they can arrive both protected from the risk of injury and free from discomfort due to the elements is so important. This is why you should also take a look at our growing list of kid’s horse riding solutions, including boot liners to give them the extra padding and control they need so that they can ride with the authority that they should. 

Thanks to the boy's and girl's riding jackets we have here at Rydale Country Clothing, we can make the often challenging process of filling out your wardrobe with horse riding attire so much easier. By making sure you can spend more time simplifying the process and less time worrying about how to get it just right, our kid’s horse riding jackets will make a difficult purchase much easier.

Many children will take to horseback with ease, but if you wish to ensure they have the best chance possible then you should spend some time working out what it is they need to change. Good quality horse riding jackets for kids can be hard to find, but a good coat will boost your child’s confidence no-end. Our children's equestrian coats come in a range of colours and style - explore them all and find the perfect one for your kid. 

With a choice of vibrant colours, our jackets will make your child stand out wherever they ride. As parent’s, we always go above and beyond to ensure that our children are well equipped when they are taking up a new hobby and we have certainly catered for the essentials. Rydale host’s most horse trials and shows annually so we have had a real insight into how important it is for your child to look and feel confident whilst they are learning and enjoying their new skill.

The majority of our extremely satisfied customers are horse lovers who trust us implicitly when it comes to fulfilling those equestrian needs. Rydale appreciates the need for your child to fit in with their peer’s and we have designed the junior Tullymore which are perfect for exploring the yard whilst feeling comfortable at the stables. With their thick and chunky tread, they will definitely survive those riding lessons and they look impressive next to our range of riding jackets.

It is safe to say that your little one will adore our latest collection and they will certainly stand out on that saddle! So go on, let your little rider take a peek at our range and choose that jacket, and for the most deserving why not surprise them with a pair of our junior Tullymore’s!

Why not give them the help that they need to feel prepared and confident with the help of our boy's and girl's horse riding jackets that are available? 

If you do have any questions with regards to any of the kid's horse riding jackets and equestrian coats then of course, please do not hesitate to shoot us across a message and we will be more than happy to help you. Are you looking for an adult riding coat? If so, be sure to take a look at our adults collection of riding jackets

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