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Fabulous gift for a walke... Arrived quickly, well packaged and of good quality. Purchased as a gift for a keen walker, accompanied by his dog! Thank you.
Ann, 6/24/2024
Excellent rucksack. Use it on my motorcycle trips. With no storage on my bike, this rucksack is indispensable if I need to carry anything larger than pocket size. When not in use it clips onto my belt with a carabiner a...
Bill Robertson, 10/17/2023
Great rucksack I bought this rucksack for a trip away to Scotland, knowing there would be beach trips and changeable weather. It was the perfect size to carry a couple of light waterproofs, swimming stuff, thin micr...
Charlie, 8/14/2023

Whether out on a long walk through the countryside or planning a picnic with the family, a good rucksack is an ideal accessory to make sure you always have everything you need with you. Made to feel comfortable and lightweight, our collection of rucksacks has been designed to ensure you can always go the extra mile in style.

Never leave anything behind with our spacious backpacks. Wet trousers, hungry children and muddy fields are no obstacle with our backpacks, as you can pack spare clothes, shoes and lots of food all day without pain. Every rucksack is spacious and secure, meaning no matter what you’re planning on taking, you never have to leave anything behind.

These rucksacks blend country fashion with functionality and are sure to become an essential item for your long days out in the country. If enjoying the cold breeze on a winter walk, or sitting down and catching a few rays in the summer sun, your backpack will be by your side to carry everything will need.

Our collection of rucksacks aren’t just there for convenience though. Coming in a broad range of colours and designs, your backpack will quickly become an accessory to your outfit. Blend colours to add texture to your winter attire, or contrast with your summer walking gear to make it really stand out. A rucksack is so much more than just a way to carry your things. Always arrive on-trend no matter where you are, and catch the eye of your friends or colleagues with our dazzling collection. 

At Rydale, we are passionate about creating great products that our customers love. Every backpack in this collection will provide comfort and flexibility to whoever wears it, from child to adult. Padded, adjustable straps make sure it’s always the right fit for you, and that no matter how far your walk takes you, your rucksack won’t be the thing that stops you. 

By spreading the weight of your backpack across your body, you can go further without feeling the strain of carrying your things. These low maintenance items are made to keep your items dry and clean. But just because they’re convenient, doesn’t mean they’re not cool. Carry everything, everywhere, and always look and feel great with one of our rucksacks.

Clever pockets and compartments mean organising your things has never been easier. Want to keep your keys in a zip pocket inside? We’ve got you covered. Do your sunglasses need to be quick to grab? Pop them in the handy front pocket and never miss out on a great view. Keep your things safe and secure and always know where everything is with our functional backpacks. 

Great walks through the countryside can take you anywhere. Whether exploring unknown areas, or simply enjoying your favourite views, having enough storage to pack food, drink and more is essential to keeping you and your little ones full of energy. Rucksacks provide the opportunity to go further, so don’t hesitate, and follow the road no matter where it takes you. 

If you have any questions regarding our collection of rucksacks, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at Rydale. And if you want to delve deeper, why not get your little ones ready for the school year, with our stylish collection of drawstring P.E bags.

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