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Women's Horse Riding Gilets & Bodywarmers

Equestrian Body Warmers & Waistcoats

As any country lady will know, warmth is just as important as style when it comes to heading out into the country. Whether it’s a comfortable morning stroll through the shires or a trip out on your horse, we want to make sure that you can always beat the temperature and stay warm – all the while making sure you look stylish at the same time. This is where our comprehensive collection of horse riding gilets and bodywarmers comes from; a desire to give you only the best attire to wear on any given day.

We know how hard it can be to mix up comfort with creative style, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive range of ladies attire for horse riding. Why not take a look at our growing number of collections made to help you look your best on horseback and on foot?

  • Horse Riding Shirts. Look as good as you ride with a rich and varied collection of riding shirts, made perfectly suitable for every time of the year.
  • Horse Riding Polo Shirts & Tops. Stay looking good and comfortable when out riding with our rich collection of horse riding polo shirts and tops.
  • Equestrian Jackets & Full-Length Riding Coats. Ride with the right touch and sense of style with our various jackets – perfect for riding in and with variable lengths to pick from.
  • Polo Sports Clothing. Takin part in some Polo? Then make sure you can play with comfort and style with our luxurious, varied collection of Polo sport clothing items and accessories.

With the help of our numerous gilets and bodywarmers for ladies, you can combine a luxurious style with consistent comfort. All of our bodywarmer and gilet options come fully padded so that you can feel the extra heat envelope around you, all the while providing a stylish, flattering shape.

It’s the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking for an extra accessory to stay warm whether you are in town, in the garden, or out in the fields. We’ve got stylish options in various styles, helping you to complete your equine-based attire collection with ease.

Rydale Country Clothing is proud to be a provider of top quality clothing that suits you whether you are out hunting game, riding horseback, or simply enjoying time with family and friends. From stylish solid designs to creative contrasts, we make sure you can enjoy a rich range of clothing made to help you stay comfortable and cool all at once

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