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Country Coats You Need in Your Wardrobe


Winter is well and truly here and what’s winter without a trusted coat? Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new style? Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed by choice because we have you covered. We’ve gathered up our favourite and most popular jacket and coat styles into this handy guide. Every style is practical and stylish so you don’t ever have to worry about whether it’s in fashion or not. They will all keep you warm and cosy without compromising on those style points!

A bomber jacket

Ladies - For an everyday jacket for cool but not cold days, an equestrian bomber jacket is one of the most versatile styles there is. It’s the perfect jacket for running errands when paired with a casual outfit. This style is waterproof and wind resistant as well as having a practical, elasticated waist feature to keep the warmth in.

Men's Puffer Jacket

It has lots of pockets so you can leave your handbag at home too! Coming in rich jewel tones of navy, olive, berry and deep purple, our equestrian bomber jacket is a fit for all kinds of weather. If you’re someone who is prone to feeling cold, how about a fleece lined version instead?

Gentlemen - Men’s bomber jackets are just as cool as the ladies’ versions are. Think practical style, with lots of pockets, a foldaway hood and fleece lining, giving them an extra comfort level.

A waterproof jacket is a must in the UK at any time of the year but this style is perfect both before and after winter when the weather picks up a little. Our bomber jacket comes in blue, olive and navy, meaning you should be able to wear it with pretty much any outfit!

A quilted jacket

Ladies - For a casual but super stylish coat, a quilted jacket is a great option. For a more casual option, our hooded option still looks chic for every day. With elasticated side panels for comfort and a fleece lining for warmth, it’s the perfect transitional jacket between seasons.

Men's Quilted Coat

The metal zip not only stands out but adds a little bit of luxury to this style too. If you prefer the style without the hood, our Wrelton and Wrelton II versions are quintessential countryside style. It’s perfect for everyday wear as well as smart casual occasions. We’ve stuck with classic shades of navy, black, olive and berry so you know that one shade will go with most of your wardrobe. This style looks best fitted, rather than oversized, so buy in your regular size.

Gentlemen - A quality quilted jacket is perfect for all those smart-casual occasions, such as family events and nights at the pub. With styles in classic black and dark brown shades as well as navy, olive and dark grey, there’s an option for any country gentleman. It’s a great jacket for throwing on every day for the office and will keep you warm but not too hot with its breathable material.

A tweed jacket

Ladies - You first need to think about which occasions and seasons you’ll be wearing your tweed jacket or coat. Want something you can dress up during warmer months? A shorter jacket will be perfect for that. The extra padding and durable tweed will mean you don’t have to add too many layers underneath. It’s the perfect style to wear over a smart, dressy outfit, such as family parties and dressier nights out!

Men's Tweed Coat

Prefer a longer style for autumn/winter and everyday, casual wear? A thicker coat version will suit your lifestyle better. With lots of pockets and extra padding, it’s a great style for casual occasions and everyday wear yet still looks chic! It’s one of our cosiest coats so it will definitely keep you nice and warm during colder weather!

Gentlemen - It wouldn’t be a Rydale list without some tweed somewhere! If you want to go down the traditional and classic route, a tweed jacket is the jacket for you.

Our Derby and Derby shooting ranges give you six different tweeds to choose from and with recently revamped styles, you know they’re made with you in mind. They’re durable and practical as well as still looking stylish like the gentleman you are! One of these will instantly smarten your entire wardrobe!

A wax jacket

Ladies - Nothing says chic country style as much as a wax jacket does! For less than £60, all of our styles look smart without having to pay over the odds for a quality jacket. From a classic, plain wax jacket to a belted style, there are many versions to pick from. If you prefer a quilted version instead, our Wrelton version comes in three classic, neutral shades (navy, brown and olive), perfect for any occasion.

All of our wax jackets are waterproof too, provided you keep on top of reproofing it! If you prefer a longer style, our longer jacket still looks just as smart as a shorter length jacket does. With patterned lining and a corduroy trim, it’s definitely a countryside wardrobe staple!

Men's Wax Coat

Gentlemen - For another country staple, a wax jacket is just that. If you’re looking for an all-round jacket for multiple occasions, from the office to nights out and everything in between, a wax jacket will do the trick. We love that it’s the perfect jacket to dress up and down, depending on the event.

With a slim fit style, a padded version and the ultimate classic wax jacket, there’s a style for any man. Waxed cotton is an extra durable and high quality material, which is why it’s used for all of our wax jackets, no matter the price point.

An insulated puffer jacket

Ladies - If you’re looking for the ultimate ‘cool woman’ coat, a puffer jacket is very on-trend right now. They’re actually much more versatile than you might think and not just for younger ladies. In some gorgeous jewel tones and vibrant bright shades, there’s also a colour and a style for everyone. From the classic insulated jacket to an extra padded puffer style, there are casual styles for everyday wear.

Ladies Puffer Jacket

If you prefer a hooded coat, our Markse jacket is a great option if you want something that will keep you warm but that is super lightweight. For a more luxurious option, a puffer jacket with a fur trimmed hood is a very ladylike but casual style, perfect for any woman’s winter wardrobe.

Gentlemen - Our classic insulated jacket is available for men too! We just love this jacket for leaving by the door and grabbing as we leave the house. For any casual occasion, it will go with just about any outfit. That’s why it’s available in neutral shades of navy, khaki and grey to give you maximum wearability! It might be a lightweight jacket but honestly, it’s one of the warmest jackets you’ll ever wear!

An everyday waterproof jacket

Ladies - For a practical everyday jacket, you don’t have to go for substance over style when you can have both. A waterproof jacket doesn’t have to mean unfashionable! This is also the perfect option to show off your personality with plenty of colour choices to pick from, even for a jacket for running errands! From the classic toggle jacket to the dependable hiking jacket, you’ll be able to find a style to suit you and your lifestyle.

Ladies Long Waterproof Jacket

If you prefer a riding coat, we offer a shorter option as well as a three-quarter style too. Here, there are a wealth of colour options so you can have a colour for every day if needs be! There really is something to suit any country lady’s wardrobe and better still, it’s waterproof too!

Gentlemen - If you’re an outdoorsy person, a waterproof walking jacket will see you through every season. These jackets never go out of style because they’re so practical. Waterproof, windproof, a tonne of pockets, a foldaway hood, an elasticated drawstring hem, stormproof cuffs, it has it all. Our Egton, Bainton and Reeth jackets all fit the bill, coming in bright and neutral shades so you can add colour to your wardrobe or stick with what you know.

A jacket in a packet

Ladies - For those days when you’ve no idea if the rain is going to come down or not, a jacket in a packet is the perfect option. Leave it in the car or in your handbag or backpack for just in case emergencies. From bright shades of turquoise, blue and red to neutral colours of navy and grey to deeper tones of berry, purple and emerald green, there really is a colour for every woman’s wardrobe. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend wearing them in heavy downpours, light showers and winds are just the right weather to feel protected in a jacket in a packet!

Waterproof Jacket in a Packet

Gentlemen - You might think you don’t need a jacket in a packet but how often have you been out and about during the summer when it starts to rain and you’re having to run around without a jacket? That’s why you should keep one in your car at all times! Six colours to choose from means you can go for your favourite shade or stick to a neutral so it goes with everything!

A long winter parka

Ladies - To bridge that gap between country and city style, a fur trimmed winter parka with a hood is the best item to do so. If you’re someone who feels the cold easily, this may be the coat for you. It’s waterproof, wind resistant, is extra padded for warmth, has a large hood to keep your head dry and has all the features you’d expect from a Rydale coat (metal zips, lots of pockets and a super soft lining). Whether you stick with a traditional parka or opt for a puffer jacket style, we’re sure that you’ll live in this coat during winter!

As you can see, we have an extensive range of coats for both women and men so the choice is now up to you. Think about when you’ll need to wear your jacket or coat and the rest of your wardrobe and pick your options!


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