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Men's Rugby Shirts & Rugby Tops

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Men's Rugby Shirts & Rugby Tops

A rugby shirt is a staple in any country gentleman’s casual wardrobe. Whether it’s worn with jeans, chinos or even jogging bottoms, it’s a cosy, comfortable alternative to a sweater but with a slightly smarter look. Even if you’re just lounging at home, a collared rugby shirt will always look timeless. The added embroidery and emblems featured on each shirt makes each style feel luxurious.

Check out Rydale's f men’s rugby shirts for this season. Inspired by the pitch itself, this collection boasts a truly regal style. These super-soft, long-sleeved rugby shirts provide the perfect balance of warmth and comfort thanks to their 100% cotton fabric.

No country gent should ever run out of rugby tops, that’s why our new range has all the different styles and colours you need for every day of the week. Our collection of authentic and traditional-style rugby shirts is ideal as the temperature starts to dip. This easy go-to option is set to become a staple piece in your wardrobe.

Men’s Plain Rugby Shirts

If you’d rather stick with something simple yet classic, a plain rugby shirt is the best option for you. This traditional style with emblems on the front and back has been designed as a traditional nod to rugby shirts from years past. The heavier cotton makes it thicker than a regular T-shirt but still comfortable enough to wear underneath jackets. The large white collar stands out against the contrasting shirt colour and looks great under a wax or leather jacket.

Men’s Striped Rugby Shirts

Our selection of striped rugby shirts is varied, from a subtle wide singular stripe to a fully-striped shirt. The traditional stripes will always be a timeless style and give off such a classic country gentleman look. In fact, they’re a must for any casual wardrobe because they’re so comfortable and versatile. Made from 100% cotton, we’ve kept the colour ways standard for a rugby shirt with contrasting stripes and lots of white to break up the colours. What colours you choose is up to you, whether it represents your favourite team/country or not!

Men’s Quartered Rugby Shirts

If you’re looking for a more bold style of rugby shirt, a quartered option is the perfect option for you. Sticking to our classic Rydale colours of navy, red, light grey and olive, it’s giving preppy, country vibes that we love. To tone this shirt down, pair with dark wash straight leg jeans or neutral-coloured chinos. If you love colour, choose a pair of chinos to match one of the colours on your shirt! It’s definitely a bold look for a bold personality so a look for some and not others! However, each quartered rugby shirt looks just as good with neutral clothing as it does with brighter colours!

How to style your rugby shirt

One of our favourite things about rugby shirts is that they’re so versatile. Whilst they’re not appropriate for a black-tie event, they can definitely be dressed up and down. You’ll find that rugby shirts go with so many items already in your wardrobe so it shouldn’t take long to style one into an outfit. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Smart-casual: Dress them up with brogue shoes or Chelsea boots and a wax jacket over the top for family gatherings and nights out. Any typical workwear items, such as smart trousers and leather shoes, can go from workwear to night out  just by switching out a traditional collared shirt to a rugby shirt.

You could even add a tweed blazer on top to make it even dressier but we prefer to keep it smart-casual. A wax jacket is a great alternative as it still looks smart but it doesn’t feel as formal as a tweed blazer. It continues the cool guy look too as wax jackets will always be a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe.

For shoes, stick to classic leather shoes or boots, whether they’re brogues or boots. These are timeless styles that will go with any outfit, as long as you buy them in classic colours of brown, tan or black. Black leather shoes or boots tend to look formal for the office or special events so warm the look with brown or tan footwear instead. You’ll get so much wear out of them because they go with so much!

Casual: To dress them down, they go so well with canvas trainers and boat shoes instead. Rugby shirts should be a staple in any country gentleman’s casual side of their wardrobe in their favourite colour or pattern.

Rugby shirts are great options for cool, rainy days when it’s too warm to wear a jumper or fleece but it’s too cold to not wear long sleeves. Wear underneath a waterproof jacket for days in the outdoors or opt for a lightweight gilet or bodywarmer if you’re warm enough not to wear double long sleeves!

For casual shoes, clean trainers, boat shoes or loafers complement a rugby shirt for chilled days. Again, you’ll get the wear out of any of these types of footwear, especially in the summer, but choose a style that you know complements the rest of your wardrobe the most.

The collection is available in various colours and sizes with two different ranges of prices in order to satisfy your different needs considering your preferences. Our new Rugby shirts are on-trend and on-time and they are certainly more stylish. These tops are as tough as the game, they will last and they will keep you both fit and comfortable day and night.

Explore our bright collection of Rugby shirts above and add this outstanding outfit to your wardrobe. Whatever colours you would prefer, you can find it here. As always as Rydale country clothing, please let us know if you have any questions with regards to any of the men's rugby shirts and tops we have on offer and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

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