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The Best Boys & Girls Winter Boots


Following on from our ladies’ and gentlemen’s guides, it’s now time to dive into the perfect winter boots for the children.  Whilst we tend to go for practical and comfortable footwear for our kids, that doesn’t mean they can’t look stylish at the same time! You can still have easy to clean boots that still look good and make your child feel grown up.

This guide will dive into the three main areas of children’s footwear: wellington boots, ankle length leather boots and knee high leather boots. You might find your child needs all three pairs but you can certainly pick and choose which pair is most suitable for them. Let them help out in picking a colour or design to ensure that they’ll wear them even more!

Boy's Country Boots

Wellington boots

Kids love splashing around in puddles, fact. They’re prone to ruining their shoes with mud so why not invest in a pair of wellington boots to keep their feet dry and warm? All of our junior wellies come with handy pull on loops so with practice, your child can pop on their own pair before every outing. They also make it super easy for you as parents to slide them on when your child is overly excited to go and splash about! With bright colours and fun prints for younger children and glossy and stylish ones for the grown up children, you’ll be jealous of their shiny new wellies!

Our kids’ wellies are designed to fit snugly but not too tight so their feet can’t breathe! If your child will be wearing thicker boot socks on their feet, it might be best to size up for a bit of wiggle room. The thick tread is designed for extra comfort too and the rubber sole makes them a lot easier to clean after every use.

Girl's Country Boots

With around 20 different designs, there’s a colour scheme and pattern to match any child’s personality. The list below shows just how many different patterns there are to choose from! Whilst you might be picking a pair for your child, why not give them the choice and select their favourite from our designs?

Junior wellington boots available with the following patterns:

If they’re prone to getting soggy clothes too, a splash suit to match their wellington boots will go down a treat! Then they can splash around as much as they want because their underneath layers will be protected.

For older children, they might want a ‘quieter’ pattern or perhaps a plain colour. Our block coloured range includes glossy navy or olive as well as a glittery purple pair, perfect for any girly girl. If your child prefers some pattern on their wellies, both ducks and pheasants feature on our Wistow wellies.

Kid's Jodhpur Boots

Whichever pair they go for, they’ll feel all grown up. You might even decide to get yourself and your children some matching wellies for extra style points during outdoor activities!

Ankle-length jodhpur and Chelsea boots

For drier days and an everyday style, a pair of classic jodhpurs or Chelsea boots are a great option for any child. Especially if they’ve seen their parents wearing them, they’ll feel all grown up with a pair of jodhpur boots on their feet. To make them as versatile as possible, our selection of boots comes in a dark chocolate brown shade and a traditional black colour so you know they’ll go with as many outfits as possible.

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend wearing them in icy or snowy conditions, they’re the perfect style of boot for cold weather. Our styles all have a sturdy tread for uneven terrains and also have a convenient tab at the back to help you and your child put these boots on. The elasticated side panels also help to give them a bit of stretch when your child is sliding their feet in.

If you’re unsure of what to pair them with, it’s exactly the same as what the adults wear them with. Ankle boots look great with a pair of skinny jeans tucked into them and you can basically wear whatever you want to on your top half. We’re big fans of tweed gilets with our boys and girls’ styles available. A fleece gilet is another option for colder days and can be layered under a waterproof jacket or coat too.

Kid's Country Boots

Knee high worker boots

For the most practical boots, a pair of knee high worker boots are the most versatile. They have the same waterproof qualities as a wellington boot but feel more grown up like a jodhpur boot. With them fitting up to the knee, they offer extra protection and warmth to your childrens’ legs too!

Our classic Tullymore boots for adults come in neutral shades, which means so does our children’s version too. A dark brown shade means they’ll be able to wear them with almost any outfit. With their extra study tread, they’re perfect for any countryside activities, from walking to helping out in the garden or on the farm. The drawstring at the top of the boots also helps to keep in the warmth and helps to keep socks dry too.

With knee high boots, any bottom half items should be tucked inside the boots to keep them clean. When these boots get dirty, it’s important to give them a quick wipe down after using them. The tread, especially, can get clogged up if you don’t clear out any debris and grit frequently. Treat them well and with their high quality, they’ll last your child probably longer than they’ll fit in them!

At Rydale, we’re all about creating items that you and your children will not only love but that will last. Whilst they might outgrow them, you know that the quality will last a long time and you might be even able to pass them down to friends or family members with children a little younger. Footwear is one item that pays you to invest in quality pieces, even with children. Let them help to pick out their own winter boots and we’re sure they’ll wear them even more!


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